Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Babies can have a spa-like experience in this baby tub


Bathe your baby in a Spa Baby Tub, the European style baby tub sold in Canada and the U.S. I’ve seen tubs like this before in catalogs but never seen one up close. Suited for babies up to 10 months, my 9-month-old sat in it fine and was happy to be in it. I was actually surprised that the tub is a good size. That said, for infants it would be a comforting place to be since it might be similar to the womb experience. You can place the Spa Baby in the bathtub, on a counter or any other stable surface. It’s definitely more convenient to store than a regular baby tub.

Spa Baby is made from a safe and non-toxic plastic (polypropylene). There’s no polycarbonate, no bisphenol-A, and has no paint. I would recommend this as a baby gift.

It’s $45 and sold at

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