Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Summer fun: Fisher Price Kid Tough Walkie Talkies


These Fisher Price Kid Tough Walkie Talkies are the first preschool appropriate walkie talkies that are tough enough and easy enough to use for rough play.

The set of two walkie talkies allows kids to communicate with each other from a distance of 200 feet. They feature a sturdy hand grip, push to talk/relase to listen detail, a volume dial, a flexible safety antenna and a power on/off switch.

My preschooler likes to use the walkie talkies but he still needs to be coordinated in using it. Learning to press the button to talk and releasing it to listen will take awhile for him. Otherwise, it works well enough as a fun outdoor toy for this age group.

You can buy them at Toys ‘R Us for $19.99.

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