Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Stroller for the ‘burbs: Bob Revolution


I have always considered the Bugaboo the benchmark of the stroller world. Its brilliant design, lightweight construction and versatility has made it first choice in our household. I now believe that there is a serious contender to the Bugaboo’s crown.

The first thing I noticed on our first outing with the Bob Revolution stroller and our 3-year-old in tow, was the sheer ease of pushing it. Its large diameter wheels just glide along the sidewalks. I could also walk alongside the stroller and pushing with one hand, had total control over where we were pointing. Having control is how mums and dads stay out of trouble in busy places and this stroller can turn on a dime. The Bob Revolution has an adjustable suspension system which gives the little one a real smooth ride across lumpy and bumpy surfaces. The swiveling front wheel can be locked in an instant, transforming the Bob into jogging mode.

When deciding which new stroller is right for you, you’ll always find you’ll be choosing from a toss up of features. For example, I love the adjustable handle height on the Phil and Teds and the Bugaboo will let you switch the seat position from facing forward to rearward. Unfortunately the Bob Revolution has neither of these features, but still that doesn’t make it a bad stroller. Other features include an optional car seat adapter. This will enable you to own just one stroller all the way through your child’s ‘strollerhood’. There is a small basket underneath and the padded seat can be reclined easily in case your little one needs a nap. Folding up the Bob is pretty simple and the wheels have quick release levers. We were able to load the stroller straight into our mini-van without folding. The aluminum framed Bob is fairly lightweight and weighs in at just 23lbs. The Bob really is a great product. So moms and dads, go ahead and make your choice. It retails for $389 and can be bought at


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