Sunday, January 21st, 2018

gdiapers new "girly girl" ruffle pant


gDiapers’ new design for summer is super cute. Introducing the new “girly girl” ruffle pant that retails for $18.99.

gDiapers have a washable outer pant with an ultra-absorbent plastic-free refill. All you do is throw away the refill by flushing, throwing away or composting. They also break down in about 3 months as opposed to plastic disposable diapers that don’t biodegrade.

I tried gDiapers on my son when he was two. They leaked twice in a week. This time with my daughter they worked better. Personally I think these are better for babies and not toddlers.

I do think these are great for parents who are squirmy on cloth diapers and still want to be eco-conscious.

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