Friday, December 15th, 2017

Forget drawing on paper, there’s the Pop Art Toaster


The other day I was sitting in the kitchen when an image appeared on my toast! It was no miracle, but the work of a Pop Art Toaster.

The Pop Art Toaster Creative Coloring Kit ($40) is for those days when you’re stuck at home with the kids all day.

It’s a toaster but you also can make creative designs on it. This set includes a toaster with 6 interchangeable image plates, 5 edible flavored food coloring markers, a removal hook, and a bonus coloring book which coordinates pictures with images on toast. There are 7 heat settings and 3 toasting functions. For easy cleaning, there’s an easy clean slide out crumb tray.

There are different Pop Art Toaster styles for every age group. As a group activity, I think this is a good product. Otherwise, toasting would be my main purpose. You can buy a Pop Art Toaster at Target for $40.

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