Friday, December 15th, 2017

Exclusive Look: Cybex Onyx


When you are a new parent-to-be, looking for that first stroller on a shopping trip can be daunting. Lines and lines of smart looking strollers await you, all begging to be taken home. Buying a new car is probably a pretty similar affair with hundreds of models to choose from.

If you decided to buy a new BMW Mini Cooper and wanted a bold and bright stroller to match, then the Cybex Onyx would probably be it. Stylish, lightweight, zippy and compact, the Onyx has it all. This stroller has been engineered magnificently. Pushing it is a delight and folding it away is a breeze. Just pull up the handle at the rear and the two stroller halves push together. A neat handle is attached to one of the legs, making one handed carrying simple. To unfold again, just release the side catch lever and pull apart. A sturdy looking foot brake keeps the Onyx secure on all surfaces when applied.

Other features include an aluminum frame, rear wheel suspension and a four position reclining seat. The daring, chic Cybex stroller is available in half a dozen colors and the purple variety is shown here. We love to push our 8-month-old around in it and many people have stopped us to ask us about the stroller, and baby of course! Cybex say the Onyx is good for children up to 3-years-old. The price for this umbrella stroller is $220. There are three other styles as well. The Ruby, Topaz and Callisto also look super cool and have different prices.

The German based company also has a multitude of other cool baby products including car seats and baby carriers. Unfortunately, their products are not available in the USA just yet, but the good news is that they’re launching in the US this summer. Check out cybex-online to get a product preview.

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