Friday, December 15th, 2017

Books: Baby Smarts, Games For Playing And Learning


Today’s book review is written by mom of two, Kim Pitt-Foster.

Baby Smarts, Games For Playing And Learning
(author: Jackie Silberg) is basically a “How to” manual for dummies. It is trying to be “What To Expect The First Year” for the next generation. It does have some great ideas, songs and games as suggested in the title, but it leaves very little room for parent instinct or common sense.

The book is broken up into 4 chapters and by 3 month intervals. It gives you games to play with newborns, songs to sing and a basic guideline as to where your baby should be at each age. We loved the incorporation of the baby sign language. The book gives ideas on sensory games with the use of soft items for your baby to lie on.

Included are also songs. It was nice to revisit some old songs like “ Where is thumbkin” “Peter Piper” and “Humpty Humpty”, but I could do without the baby talk and made up words the book suggests you use. (Baby talk has been frowned upon for years by the medical profession.) We also liked that it was small. You could throw it in your diaper bag for a quick reference.

What we had a problem with as mentioned earlier is the lack of common sense! I would think that it is obvious to almost any parent that to kiss and hug (pg. 33) and rock your baby (pg.56) is a good thing, yet the book gives you detailed instruction how to do so. Also, there is a section on a “jingle the bells”(pg.40) game that says in the ‘Note’, “you will need jingle bells” but neglects to tell you not to hold the bells near the baby’s ears. Instead it actually tells you to “jingle the bells near his face”. The book tells you to talk and rhyme and sing but not until page 103. In the 9-12 month section it does not tell you to READ to your baby. That should be done from birth and everyday!

All in all, a fine book for basic ideas of singing and games. Good for a quick reference or in a situation where you are out and need quick baby distraction. It’s not something that we would truly recommend as a necessity. I would stick with the old favorite “ what to expect..” series!

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