Friday, December 15th, 2017

Ballet shoes to fit tiny feet


The thought of our little girl blossoming into a ballerina, is one of those “What will she be?” moments that often frequent my mind. As she is only 8-months-old, the best I can do is dress her up the part. Would you believe that ballerina shoes are available for babies?

Legendary Australian company Baby Bloch is one of the world’s leading manufactures of dance shoes and they have carefully created a delightful range of leather and cotton slip-ons for your little one. Many beautiful designs and sizes are available in the pre-walker range, the biggest size being 18 to 24 months. The shoes look extremely comfortable on baby’s feet and she loves to crawl around in her stylish booties. Baby Bloch is popular with celebrities. Nicole Richie’s daughter Harlow has a pair. Denver’s well known Cherry Creek dance studio is a Bloch supplier and retailer and will cater for for all your footwear needs. You can email them directly at for prices and product line details.


6 Responses to “Ballet shoes to fit tiny feet”
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  2. dance shoes that are shiny are the most cool stuff that you could possibly wear *;`

  3. my dance shoes are sort of made of transparent material resembling glass, this is a very tough shoe anyway'”`

  4. my baby’s feet are very cute so i always buy the best baby shoes for her.*~

  5. Juan Torres says:

    when you are looking for baby shoes, choose those that are made from organic materials”~-

  6. Jay Hunt says:

    i love the feel of leather dance shoes compared to synthetic fabrics..;-