Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Natural and Unique: LinenKids



If you’re looking for some great quality linen products, then we have some news for you. LinenKids has a complete range of beautifully made towels, bedding sets as well as boys and girls clothes.

LinenKids is based in the Baltic State of Lithuania and are proud of their manufacturing heritage. This clearly shows in the quality of their products. The 100% linen exclusive towel shown here, is incredibly soft and perfect for little ones. My 3 year old demands it after every bath. The towel is big enough to snuggle him from head to toe, and the super absorbent cloth soon gets him dry.


Also shown is the counting sheep bedding set comprising of comforter and pillowcase. The waffle style linen material has a sheep motif sewn in giving the bedding set a unique appearance.

Towels are under $20 and the bedding set under $100. All this and much more is waiting for you at

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