Friday, January 19th, 2018

A little while back, we were all excited about the range of personalized products from Frecklebox. We highlighted their range of books which are printed to order. The Frecklebox folks are at it again and now they’ve come up with a cool range of personalized lunch boxes. These metal lunch boxes are awesome. A name […]

For babies who are learning to walk, this Baby Walker is just the thing to have to keep those little legs moving. It has an adjustable handle and contains 24 blocks which are made of replenishable wood. The walker is sturdy, nontoxic and eco-friendly. It’s $78 and fit for a Mogul Baby! Sold at

Now that our 7-month-old is starting to crawl, we don’t have to worry about her little knees getting knocked and scraped. This is thanks to Lil’ Melon’s range of baby knee protectors. Putting them on the baby’s legs was easy and they stayed on. She didn’t mind having them on at all. Soft and flexible, […]

This board book called Daddy Cuddles would be a nice Father’s Day gift for both child and dad. I am a big fan of Anne Gutman and Georg Hallensleben since I have two of their other books, Lisa in New York and Lisa’s Airplane Trip. Price is $5.95 and can be bought at the Land […]

I want to introduce you to the new Kokopax Classic Carrier. I’ve been looking for something like this since my baby has been wanting to be carried…a lot. Putting this on was very simple for me to figure out. I didn’t have to adjust the straps or height at all as there’s no fussiness to […]

This Pink Koi onesie is definitely eye-catching. Created by Badd Baby, this tattoo inspired outfit is bright, colorful, super soft and will be the talk at playgroups. The clothes are tagless so no itchy little necks. To celebrate their grand opening, Badd Baby is offering a special price of $19.99 on their baby onesies. A […]

Here’s an interesting concept of trash free lunches from Kids Konserve. If you’re concerned with the amount of disposable items your child seems to get through in an average week, then this could be for you. The lunch kit comes complete in a recycled cotton bag. Inside there are two tough metal tins for lunch […]

I’ve been using Seventh Generation products and am happy I’m making an effort to a new “greener” way of living. For washing the dishes I use Seventh Generation’s Automatic Dishwasher Detergent Pacs. There are 15 pacs in each recycle box. Chlorine and phosphate free, they are $5.49.

This hand-painted tote bag sold at Kids Deserve Art is super cute and colorful. It’s great as a diaper bag, purse, beach bag and for those fun trips to outdoor markets. Perfect for adults and kids as a gift! There are three sizes available: small $32.00 (13.25″ x 12″ x 4″), medium $45.00 (18″ x […]

For modern organic baby clothes, go to B Nature. It’s a company operated by women who know to design comfortable, organic clothes for children. Their line of apparel is free of harsh pesticides and are made of organic cotton under Fair Trade conditions. Shown here is the B Nature’s Organic Crossover ($19.00). B Nature sells […]

For kids who are curious about bugs, get The Bug Book and Bug Bottle. The Bug Book by award-winning entomologist Hugh Danks, PH.D. is a palm-sized field guide that gives fun facts and information on about 40 types of insects. It’s also a guide on how to collect and care for bugs. The Bug Bottle […]

Recently while shopping for a swimsuit for my son, who doesn’t know how to swim yet, I wanted to get something that would support him in the water. I went to One Step Ahead and got this floatation trainer. The floatation vest is incorporated right into the swimsuit. What I think is great is that […]

If you’re looking to pamper a special little girl, then you may want to pay a visit to They have an array of adorable products from cute dresses and hats through shoes, toys and swimsuits. Featured here are the Baby Bunny Booties by Trumpette. They come complete with a very nice decorated gift box […]

Diaper Cakewalk is the place to go for a cute new baby gift. The company’s diaper cakes are made of size 1-2 Pampers Swaddlers decorated with washcloths, toys, pacifiers, Johnson’s products and bows! Shown here is the Crinkle Critters Diaper Cake. Prices range from $35-139. Here’s your chance to win one of their bestselling 3-tier […]

We simply adore the “Sugar “N” Spice Peek-A-Boo Bag and we declare it a great value item. Less than $15 buys you what equates to a Rubik’s cube for toddlers. Our three year old has spent an eternity trying to locate all 30 of the brightly colored pieces, which are suspended within a sea of […]