Monday, December 18th, 2017

Sun Smarties UPF 50+ Summer Gear



Summer is just around the corner and One Step Ahead has the coolest summer gear for kids.

Have your kids’ eyes protected with My First Shades ($14.95). They block 100% UV rays and are designed with polycarbonate lenses, a stretchy neoprene strap, and a pinch-proof, hinge-free design. An added bonus is that they can hold prescription lenses. These sunglasses fit infants ages birth to 3 and the kids pairs fit ages 3-7. I like the wrap around design because they will be harder to lose.


Sun Smarties Rash Guard ($24.95) will be useful at water parks or days at the beach. Feeling the shirt, the polyester material is lightweight and breathable. I think this top is good for when you swim in unexpected colder pool water. It’s chlorine resistant, sea water resistant and UPF 50+.


Cover your child’s head, neck and ears with this Sun Smarties Flap Hat ($12.95) You can get an embroidered design or the classic white. Made of quick drying microfiber. Whether it will stay on my son’s head is in question!


My active kid will be wearing these Sun Smarties Surf Socks at the pool. They have textured bottoms to prevent slipping, are UPF 50+, and won’t fade from the sun, sea water or chlorine. My son let me put these on him so these get an A+.

Buy all this gear at One Step Ahead.

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