Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Must Have: The Go Go Babyz



We are proud to introduce to you Go Go Babyz Infant Cruizer AT. This lightweight travel system has to be one of the smartest things we have reviewed here at MogulBaby and has earned our top rating. There is no doubt that this is an extremely well designed product and we have declared it a ‘must have’ product.

We love our Bugaboo stroller but we have to swap baby from car seat to stroller when going shopping. Now, we just whip out the Infant Cruizer and our Peg Perago infant seat slots straight in with no fuss. The Cruizer is super light and weighs in at just 12 lbs. The fully adjustable handle retracts and folds flat providing compact, easy storage. The sturdy wheels with their airless tires, pop off in an instant with quick release buttons. Front and rear quick release foot brakes provide security on all surfaces.

Pushing the Cruizer is a breeze. It glides effortlessly down those tight mall store isles that you couldn’t have navigated with your wider stroller. The only minor ailment that I have discovered is a flimsy feel from the telescopic handle when fully extended, but it does it’s job well enough. The Cruizer will accommodate many popular infant seats and will set you back $149.99. Click on Go Go Babyz to buy online and check out your car seats’ compatibility.

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