Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Must Have: Beaba Babycook



The moment finally came last week! It was time for our baby to start eating solids instead of having an all breastmilk diet.

We used the Beaba Babycook to mix her first food of pear and we’re impressed. This Babycook is a Mogul Baby “Must Have” item!

With our first child making baby food was an ordeal. The process went like this: You carefully chop up baby’s first pear and boil it in the pan. You drain the messy pear, put it into the blender and then find there’s not enough substance to blend with and it all sticks under the blades. You then scoop the goop out and it splashes on you, scalding you in the process. If this hasn’t happened to you yet then it never has to!

The all in one Babycook will solve all your baby food preparation problems. It will steam, cook food and puree it. You can also use the neat machine to reheat and defrost. This machine is a neat, compact device and sits unobtrusively on your counter top. We have been patiently waiting for our little one to get to her eating solids stage so we can test it. We have been impressed with the simplicity of operation and the product results. Baby’s food is nicely pureed and can be eaten straight away. We highly recommend this product as it keeps the food all in one place. This minimizes exposure to potential bacteria covered surfaces in the conventional cooking process. Since cooking and chopping is all done in one unit, fruit and vegetable nutrients are not removed from the food. The best thing about this unit is its convenience. Now there is simply no excuse to buy processed baby food. You can make freshly prepared food for every meal time and super quickly too. Any left over food you can freeze. The unit will then defrost and reheat easily when required.

I suspect this unit will pay for itself over it’s period of utilization and if you plan on more than one child, then it will make you money! It’s available online at for under $150. Go get one mum!

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