Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Drive around town in this play mat



Kids will love this Driving Around Town Playmat. When I unfolded the mat, I was surprised that it was so big! It measures 47.75″ x 59.75″ and features plenty of roads to drive around on. Your little one can drive their cars to places such as the restaurant, gas station, post office, school, and hospital. What makes this play mat different for me is that it has parking spaces at each location. What’s also good about the mat is that it doesn’t bunch up and crease when my my son is on it because it’s made of 10 oz phthalate-free vinyl.

Although the mat comes in a reusable zipper lock bag for storage, it’s been out on the floor pretty much permanently since my son is always playing with it. The Driving Around Town Play Mat will keep children occupied for hours! It’s $24.95 and worth it! Buy it at

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