Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Art fun with the ColorMe Table and Chairs



Worried that your kids are going to accidentally mark the table with their crayons while coloring?

The ColorMe Table And Chairs is such a cute idea! Little ones just color in the outlines already drawn out, making it a fun time for play while you don’t have to worry about them making a mess on your real furniture.

Putting together the table and four chairs wasn’t as easy as it looked. However my husband didn’t even bother looking at the directions on the box. He just figured it out and put together the pretend furniture himself.

The table and chairs are made out of 100% recycled corrugated paper. It’s pretty strong as it doesn’t squish down when my 3-year-old son sits on one of the chairs.

This is available in two different patterns, ‘Fishtale’ and ‘Party’. I really think it will work great for a party and you can fold away and use again for future play.

Price is $49.95 and sold at

Mogul Baby readers can get 15% off by just entering mogulbaby at checkout!

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