Friday, December 15th, 2017

Write on! Cool alphabet flashcards



I just got these really great flashcards from Etsy Shop, The Flashcard Zoo. These flashcards are fab because they are a fun way to learn the alphabet and useful because you can practice writing the letters on the back of each card. There are four different type of glossy 4 x 6 alphabet cards. You can buy ones specifically for girls, boys, for both genders, or have them customized.

The cards are laminated, waterproof, and super sturdy. Each one displays an attractive photo that will keep a child interested.

You can keep writing and wiping off the cards by using washable markers or white board crayons. Price is $30 for each deck. For customized cards, they are $35 each. I love them and think they would make a great gift!

Visit The Flashcard Zoo.

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