Friday, December 15th, 2017

Sit up high with the Mutsy Grow-Up Booster



As usual at Mogul Baby, we aim to inject a shot of funky flair into your parenthood. The Mutsy Grow-Up booster seat has our approval stamp too. The neat European-styled product comes in bold and bright colors and is suitable for little ones up to 4 years of age. Seen here are the newest colors Apple and Mandarin.

I strapped it to a dining room chair in about 60 seconds, first time round. There is a back fastener and another strap that secures underneath, keeping the seat firmly on the chair. Baby is secured with the adjustable lap and shoulder harnesses, which are a breeze to put on. The super soft, rubber foam seat is extremely comfortable and I wish I was small enough to sit on it too!

Mutsy’s range of cool baby products can be found online at their web site and also in retail stores. You can also buy it for $59 at The Land of Nod.

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