Friday, December 15th, 2017

Roll and stroll: Jeep Shopping Cart Cover



Our local supermarket has some pretty disgusting carts. They are poorly maintained and never cleaned. Our 3-year-old takes his chances and rides in the child seat. Luckily, we were sent the Jeep Comfy Cart and High Chair Cover to try out.

I was apprehensive at first about carrying something into the supermarket because it didn’t feel natural. When you go into a store, it’s all about carrying stuff out. When we got there, I grabbed a cart and placed the cover onto the seat. I then threw the little one on top of it and strapped him in with the usual lightning speed, before he could remember to struggle.

This cover is nicely padded and is a lot more comfortable to sit on than the shopping cart’s hard plastic seat. It’s of a good size and covers the child’s seating area completely. It is also designed to fit over high chairs in restaurants too. So, if you want to protect your child from grime and germs, this is a good buy. I found it at for $29.99.

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