Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Ride along with the Buggy Board Maxi



For anyone who does not have a Buggy Board the message is simple – you need one. We’ve been waiting for the weather to improve before testing the Lascal Buggy Board Maxi. I spent 20 minutes or so attaching the Buggy Board to our Bugaboo stroller. After a little minor cursing and huffing trying to figure out the instructions, I had the thing working. We immediately set out to the mall. Our 3-year-old is just on the edge of being trusted. He will not run away in the mall too much now, so he doesn’t need to be hard fastened to a stroller.

The Buggy Board is a great compromise. He loved every minute of being pushed around surfing style and he found it a real thrill. This is a really nice product and a top recommendation. The universal fastening system should ensure that the board attaches to most strollers. Lascal have an accessory range which includes arm extenders in case you have any problems getting it to fit. It’s not a cheap product but it is a quality one and very well made. Sold at The Land of Nod for $89.95, the board comes in a multitude of colors. You just pick what works for you.

Buy it at The Land of Nod.

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