Friday, December 15th, 2017

Clear up diaper rashes with this cream



Are you trying to get rid of a real bad diaper rash but just can’t find the right cream? I have to tell you about Triderma MD Baby’s Severe Diaper Rash Fast Healing Cream.

This is the only product that cleared up my baby’s diaper rash in less than two days! Compared to the popular diaper cream I was using, the results from this product are pretty impressive. The popular cream left a white residue on my hand which I didn’t like. It also didn’t clear up the severe rash that was on my daughter’s bottom.

What I like about the Triderma Baby cream is that it is clear, easily absorbs and doesn’t smell of Zinc Oxide. The formula in this product includes organic aloe, beeswax and allantoin. You get a 4 oz tube for $16.49, a little pricey but I do recommend you try it. This is the only cream I use now at every diaper change.

You can buy it at Babies R Us.

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