Friday, December 15th, 2017

The Lift Off Rocket is a blast!



Blast off your baby’s science career with this Lift Off Rocket from International Playthings. This toy is very cute and a little different. I found myself playing with the alien, space dog and astronauts which came complete with the package.

The rocket sports three individual compartments: the cockpit at the top, the living area, with adorable working Murphy bed and space toilet. The lower compartment is a garage which keeps the space elements from the included moon rover. Best of all for baby but maybe not for you, is the activation button which fires up the sound and light show. As the rocket fires up the boosters glow and the booming voice counts down to blast off! The sound effects are neat but I did think they were a little on the loud side.

I love this toy and our now three year old has been mesmerized and captivated for at least an hour now. You can start your own space adventure by checking out $54.99 and it’s yours. Intended for 18 months plus.

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