Friday, December 15th, 2017

Stylish sleeping bags for baby



A night’s good rest for me is knowing my baby is safe and warm in a sleeping bag. Baby in a Bag sells high quality sleep sacks that are both comfortable and affordable.

Their European style sleep sacks are double lined and have inverted zippers for diaper changing. Something I’ve never seen in a sleeping bag is their Stargaze Sacks. They have embroidered stars that glow in the dark. A good idea for when you’re looking for your baby in the middle of the night and don’t want to turn on the lights. I particularly like the Pampersack Minky bags because they feel plush and your baby will sure feel cozy in it.

The company has a lot of celebrity customers. Matthew McConaughey has their Minky Camouflage in blue. Salma Hayek has a Minky Lavender one and Milla Jovovich ordered five of their sacks right before Christmas.

Halle Berry owns a Royal Silk bag which has a price tag of $75. These are made of 100% soft Charmeuse silk shell and diamond-quilted silk inner lining. Other celebs who have Baby in a Bag sleep sacks are Heidi Klum, Minnie Driver, Brooke Shields, Reese Witherspoon, Blythe Danner and members of the ER cast.

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  1. some sleeping bags are waterproof and weatherproof too, they are nice for camping outside the house ‘,’

  2. when it comes to sleeping bags, polyester sleeping bags with cotton padding are the best that you can buy “