Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Potty training with the Potty Tots



Potty training has been a struggle in our household so I was hoping Potty Tots would come to the rescue. Winner of Start-Up Nation’s Honorable Mention Award for the Most Innovative Product of the Year, the Potty Tots sing, play instruments and help kids learn the six steps of potty training.

In the boy kit, there’s a story book accompanied with a DVD that tells a tale of Joey’s first day at preschool. With some help from the kids, he learns how to go to the bathroom for the first time. On the DVD comes three original songs and two music videos performed by the Potty Tots. Also included in each kit is an illustrated potty chart and a “Toilet Bowl” progress/reward game. There are stickers that you place on the game that mimics playing football. Every time your child goes to the potty, you move the stickers until touchdown is reached.

My son was very excited to open the kit and was very interested in reading the book and watching the DVD. After he watched the DVD three times straight he was keen to sit on the potty and follow the instructions on the potty chart.

As of today he is still not fully trained but this doesn’t mean Potty Tots won’t work for other children.

You can buy a boy and/or girl kit at the Potty Tots web site for $19.95.

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