Friday, December 15th, 2017

No stinky smells from this diaper pail



This is the first diaper pail that I have ever used. I am now wondering how I ever did without one. Diaper Dekor has proven that even a diaper pail can be stylish with their range of diaper disposal units.

This high quality, tough plastic pail has a foot operated pedal which flaps up the lid. You then place soiled diapers into the pail via the drop flap. The flap has a child proof lock to keep out inquisitive hands. The Diaper Dekor Plus Pail that we were sent can hold around 40 diapers before it gets full. To empty, simply open up the bottom door and pull the bag down. You then cut the old bag away from the continuous string of new bags by using the child proof, door mounted cutting device. Making a knot in the next bag starts the process over. The biodegradable diaper bags are designed to keep odors to a minimum and multiple bags are held within the bag cartridge. Diaper Dekor claim that each refill can hold up to 335 diapers. Once your offspring have grown out of diapers, you can convert the pail into a regular trash can by removing the diaper flap.

This is a nice product and surprisingly good value. Buy it for $39.95 at The Diaper Dekor Plus Refill Biodegradable Pack will set you back less than $15.00.

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