Friday, December 15th, 2017

McCall Wilder Designs gift celebs swag at the Boom Boom Room


Last month at the Boom Boom room in L.A., celebs were gifted some beautiful handmade outfits created by McCall Wilder Designs.

Here’s owner and designer McCall Wilder with Angela Kinsey of The Office” and her daughter holding the hand-embroidered, hand-sewn white Swiss pique jumper with cherries she selected from McCall Wilder Designs Couture Clothing for Children.

Here’s Rich Sommer of “Mad Men” with his daughter in the hand-embroidered and hand-sewn white pique sun hat ($75) he chose.


Anne Heche and her beau James Tupper went nuts over McCall’s entire line. The pregnant actress requested a hand-sewn light blue Swiss seersucker sunsuit with a hand-embroidered orange crab, a hand-embroidered blue one and a white Swiss pima stripe John John with caterpillar pocket. She also added a hand satin stitched Ulster Linen bib with a large ecru cross to her swag bag.

Visit McCall Wilder Designs.

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