Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Clear up little noses with Nasal Clear



I recently was given Nasal Clear to try out and I have to say, I very much recommend this product.

It is a battery operated nasal aspirator that works faster than suctioning with bulbs. There is a very soft silicone tip that you point on the side of the nostril. To distract your child, you can press the music button which plays 12 tunes.

My son who had a very bad runny nose, wanted very much to listen to the music and didn’t mind me putting the Nasal Clear in his nose at all. The mucus flows into the clear collection cup so you can see how congested your child is.

With my baby who had a stuffy nose, I used the aspirator with the short silicone tip. It worked efficiently. I’m really happy I have this because I was never happy using the manual bulbs.

Sold at One Step Ahead and priced at $24.95

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