Friday, December 15th, 2017

Baby’s socks won’t fall off with these



Annoyed that your baby’s socks keep falling off?

A very clever mom in London invented Socks On!, an ingenious solution that keeps baby’s socks locked into place.

This innovative garment works by securing the sock through the hole around the heel. Made of softly woven blend of elasticized material, Socks On! comes in five colors: navy, fuchsia, baby pink, baby blue, and white.

Can I just say…it works! I put my pink pair onto my baby’s socks and presto! They held up the socks nicely and even looked cute too!

Beside being functional, I think these are going to be trendy. They come in one size and will fit a baby up to 9-months-old.

I really think these are great! Buy them at and use discount code: mogulbaby to get your 15% discount.

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