Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Relax and Play: SoftSpot by Wozzy



We totally love the SoftSpot by Wozzy.

This portable play mat folds four ways into an easy to carry triangular wedge. It also has a built-in handle. The super comfy padded 4 feet diameter mat can be taken anywhere – to the park, when you travel by car or by plane, to picnics. The possibilities are endless!

It has a wipe down anti-bacterial surface and cleans up real easy. We placed the flame retardant mat in front of the log fire and my 3-year-old spilled strawberry yogurt all over it. I wiped it down with a damp sponge and it came up as good as new. Our 3-month-old baby girl loves to snooze away on it too.

Also available are washable CoziCovers ($39.99)which add a super soft and snug layer of comfort to the mat. The SoftSpot ($119) is beautifully made and has a multitude of uses. We have used it everyday and it seems to have found it’s place in the family room. Grab one for baby at This is one of those products that once tried, you’ll not want to be without it.

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