Sunday, January 21st, 2018

For breastfeeding moms: Milkscreen



Are you breastfeeding and craving a cocktail? I introduce Milkscreen, a home test for alcohol in breast milk. Inside the box you’ll find test strips. Just dab some of your milk onto the strip and in two minutes, you’ll find out how much alcohol is concentrated in it.

It’s another alternative to “pumping and dumping” and very easy to use. On the night I decided to try Milkscreen I had a glass of white zinfandel. I only drank half the glass because I didn’t want to have too much and have it affect my milk supply. However, I still wanted to see what the results were so I dabbed some of my milk onto the pad at the end of the test strip. The pad is beige and if it stays beige there’s not enough alcohol to affect the baby. A half hour later the pad was still beige and didn’t turn a dark brown. It made me feel better and I nursed happily later that night. This was really easy to use and I think will give moms more peace of mind.

A box of 3 strips is $5.99 and a pack of 20 is $19.99. Buy it at

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