Friday, December 15th, 2017

Charming gift idea: The Baby Bunch



One of the cutest things we have seen here at Mogul Baby is the Baby Bunch.

A whole bunch of organic baby clothes have been cleverly concealed into a smart looking bunch of fake flowers. The rolled up baby clothes are disguised as white flowers and the other colored flowers and leaves are made from fabric and paper. Included in our bunch were a hat, bib, mitts, onesie, socks and a sleepsuit. The cute gift box contains pretty much everything a new mom would need to get started. The garments are of good heavy weight quality and all 100% cotton.

I would most certainly buy this set for a baby shower gift although you’ll only get a nickel change out of $70. Baby bunch offers lots of gift sets for different ages. It’s sure worth checking out The Baby Bunch, especially if you’re looking for that unique and charming gift for both mom and baby!

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