Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Add color to your rooms with Curly Cue Wall Graphics



I love wall decals as they are very different than the average Disney character types you get at the chain stores. So as I searched for a company that sold awesome graphics for my daughter’s room, I came across Curly Cue Wall Graphics!

I chose the Cherry Tree Wall Graphic ($49.99) for the baby’s room even though it was in the Home section of the site because I thought it would look great in the nursery! I was right! Check it out here!

The decals are pretty simple to put on. You just wipe the wall clean, tear off the plastic over the decals and press on where you want to place them.

The kid’s wall decals are in simple, bold and colorful designs and they are inexpensive too. Prices range from $10-16. Check out more designs at

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