Friday, December 15th, 2017

Say it with a Blanky Slang



No matter what season it is, a blanket on a day out is always a welcome accessory. Blanky Slang sells really comfortable blankets made out of fleece sweatshirt material that is just perfect for covering up while out or snuggling on the couch. What makes these blankets different is that they have quotes on them.

When I unrolled mine, I thought I had the Women’s Blanky Slang because the size was big enough to cover my body on the couch. Then I realized I had the Baby Boy’s Blanky Slang when I noticed the quote on it that read, “My buddies love to burp.”

Celebrity moms who have these blankets are actress Diane Farr, who has them for her twin baby girls and Andie MacDowell, who has the women’s version. I really think this is a great product because it’s useful, not itchy and you can just throw it in the washing machine to clean.

The children’s blankets are $49 and the women’s are $75. Check them out at Blanky Slang.

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