Friday, December 15th, 2017

Modern and groovy: Jelly Baby changing mat



Go modern with this cool changing mat! Kuster has thrown out the traditional rectangular shape for one that’s curvy and unique looking.

The Kuster Jelly Baby Changing Mat is made out of soft memory foam so feels kushy to the touch. The high tech material is warm and soft which makes it very comfortable for a baby to lay on. It’s easy to wipe clean too. As soon as I switched my baby to the Jelly Baby from the old mat, I instantly saw the difference in the way my daughter was lying on it. She looked very content on it. Hers is in blue but you have a choice in these three colors.

The Jelly Baby is sold at for $49.99. Use coupon code mbku10 for a 10% discount off all Kuster products on that site.

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