Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Giveaway: Fun covers by Lilybugs



I think these fun and funky bottle covers from Lilybugs are awesome! I was fortunate to have been sent 3 varieties from their wide range exceeding 25 pretty designs. The slide over elasticated bottle covers are brightly colored and designed to be entertaining. Each cover had two ears, wings or other extremities depending on the creature in hand, helping your young one grip the bottle with ease.


Lilybugs claim that their covers will fit most bottles, so I rounded up all five types of baby bottles and sippy cups that I have accumulated and sure enough, the cover slid on and held firm. So not just being pretty to look at there is more! The bottle covers are machine washable and the soft polyester material will mop up those bottle drips and keep them off your couch! The cover will also offer junior some hand protection from liquids which may be too hot or cold to handle. These covers can also be a useful tool for moms trying to persuade their toddlers to drink from that first sippy cup. Check them out for yourself at Starting at a reasonable $10, I think you’d have a real cute gift on your hands.


For the holidays LILYBUGS is giving away a snowman and a snowbear bottle cover to TWO LUCKY WINNERS!

Featured at the 2007 Emmy Awards Debra Messing, Paula Abdul, Leeza Gibbons and Blair Underwood all got one so why not you!

To enter just visit Lilybugs and email with your fave design. Put LILYBUGS in the subject line. US residents only. Deadline is Sunday., December 14 at midnight EST. Good luck!


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