Friday, December 15th, 2017

Get organized with a Kuster Bath Bucket



This is one of those small but pleasant things that makes your life easier. As a parent, I had pretty much given up trying to keep the bath tidy. Every shower I had taken was accompanied with an assortment of cars, trucks, ducks, choo-choos and alphabet letters strewn on every available surface.

This perforated toy bucket has an inner section which the wet bath toys are placed into after bath time. Once the bath has drained, simply place the inner bucket into the sealed outer bucket and all the toys can be stored neatly under the sink. The buckets are colorful, very well made and hold a good number of small toys. Now I can remove all of the toys from the bath in seconds. This would make a real nice stocking filler for any one with a 2 year old or two !

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