Friday, December 15th, 2017

Get a little help with Walking Wings



When our first born was learning to walk, he would do that baby thing like standing up and falling down. What I could have done with at the time was this cute walking assistant from UpSpring Baby. Our second born is only two months old and not quite ready for those first steps, but I am glad I have this well made product ready for that moment. The Walking Wings is fashioned from soft cushioned materials and there is a large Velcro strap and buckle to keep it snug.

UpSpring Baby recommends babies to start using the wings from 6 months onwards. They also claim fewer falls for baby, confidence building and no tugging on little arms. This I can certainly agree with as I remember our older child hurt his wrist on a number of occasions from pulling himself up a little too hastily. The Walking Wings will fit your little one up to a chest size of 26 inches. It is 100% machine washable and dryer safe. Our sample was pink with a flowery design on the inside. The boys version is dark blue with stripes. I’m looking forward to using this product and at a favorable $24.99, you could too!

Celebs that have used Walking Wings: Brooke Shields and Dennis Quaid

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