Friday, December 15th, 2017

For little feet: Bumble Bells


If you’re the kind of mother that insists on introducing your little princess to the finer things in life as early as possible, then listen up! You’ll be able to hear baby’s every move if you adorn her in these audible ankle bracelets from Bumble Bells. Beautifully crafted from 928 sterling silver, these ankle charms have tiny bells attached that softly tinkle when baby is moving. Just like cow bells for babies, the good shepherd momma will now always know where the little one has crawled off to.

Bumble Bells describe them as the original baby tracking device. The bracelet can be adjusted easily to fit growing baby by pulling gently apart to the new desired size. We attached the ankle bracelet to our 2 month old who did not seem to mind it’s presence in the slightest. The gentle tinkling quickly became comforting to me, knowing that she was laying there content.

Four pretty designs are available including Sea Shell Bells, Eden Bells, Twinkle Bells and the original Classic Bells. All patterns are available in 4.5 cm or 5 cm diameter sizes and cost $45 each.

Celebrity moms Courtney Cox, Tori Spelling and Nicole Richie all have them!

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