Friday, December 15th, 2017

Fashion flavor: Global Goodie



This unique selection of t-shirts and onesies are all cuisine based! So there’s already half of the monster’s dinner pre-stained in?
No! Not quite!

The whole range is based on international cuisine and is designed to be cool of course, but also to educate young people in foods of the world. I was sent an adorable Shark’s Fin Soup and a Combination Fried Rice shirt. The super soft shirts are made of 100% heavy weight cotton. The packaging is also unique as the tees came packaged in Chinese take out cartons, a special touch I just loved.

Other cuisines that the company focuses on include French, Chinese, Spicy Spanish and Soul Food. Dishes such as paella and lemon chicken have all been portrayed in a cute way. The biggest attraction for me with this line is its uniqueness. If you’re a budding chef or you simply want to world fashion your little one, then this range could be a nice touch for you to show off your style. T-shirts are priced at $15 and onesies at $20. A menu pre-fixe! Order a-la-carte at

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