Friday, December 15th, 2017

Eco-friendly toy: Sprig’s Discovery Rig



If I give something to my 2-year-old and then he subsequently will not let me touch it, I know it’s something he really digs. With his new toy, Sprig’s Discover Rig, he wouldn’t even let me go near it.

The more I studied this toy, the more I realized it wasn’t the usual made in the far East plastic junk. Then I read the product box and realized it was plastic junk! Confused? This push along off roader is made from recycled milk jugs and containers amongst other things! It’s mixed up with reclaimed pine sawdust to form a tough and durable material which is then molded into toys! Don’t you think that’s awesome? There is a removable push along handle which helps a little one transport it around the room. And when the wheels are turning there are lights, sound and action! The interchangeable plug-in driver has a glowing hat and the car fires out animal sounds the faster you push it. You can even hear a story, depending on your selection of the 3 way mode switch. Swap out the driver, and the stories change! How cool is that!

I must admit, I couldn’t quite understand what the car was saying, but it still doesn’t take away the cuteness of this plaything. This super environmentally friendly toy is made in Canada and batteries are not included as none are required. Buy it at Organically Hatched.

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