Friday, December 15th, 2017

Charming jewelry from Pickled Tink



If you’re the kind of mother who likes to keep the little ones near even when they’re not around, you should look no further. Pickled Tink offers a pretty range of bespoke necklaces and bracelets which can be part of you forever.

My necklace was supplied in an adorable Pickled Tink tin, which includes a polishing cloth for the sterling silver chain. Fastened to the chain are two dime sized, silver pendent charms which adorn the first letters of my children’s names. I checked out the Pickled Tink website and appreciated the simple ordering system. Each charm can be personalized with letters,words & varied backgrounds. Both charm bracelets and necklaces are a reasonable $36.00 with each extra charm at a cool $16.00. Pickled Tink state that necklaces can be ordered with up to 4 charms and bracelets must have a minimum of 6 charms with a maximum of 20! I immediately thought of TLC’s The Duggars and thought, “Yep, that order would be perfect for them!”

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