Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Carrying fun: Crocodile Creek backpacks



I think it’s really cute when I see toddlers carting around all their worldly goods in their backpacks!

My son has the Crocodile Creek fire truck backpack. It has loads of room and plenty of pockets for all those cars, books and choo-choos that he can not simply be without for more than five minutes. Now he can haul a good supply of his prize possessions everywhere we go. This of course leads to a good chance of him being quiet and occupied too, so a great investment for under $25.

These packs are of excellent quality and are well designed. The material is all wipe down and the big red fire truck pictured on the front looks pretty smart too. There is a nice dedicated zip up inner pocket which holds provision for pens and other stationary items that your young one may need on the road or at school. The deep main pocket can hold a good number of Thomas the Train books if required, compulsory for my little ball of energy. There are also two beefy looking adjustable shoulder straps. Crocodile Creek produce a cute range of packs with designs of dump trucks, dinosaurs and ladybugs! If I were three, I’d want one. Check them out at Organically Hatched.

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