Friday, December 15th, 2017

Be germ-free with Cleanwell



Keeping your child’s hands free of germs is important. Not only for them but also for you. I have lost count of the number of times I have been out with my son when he has been in germ factory communal play areas. At those places he will eventually put his hands to his mouth, transferring all that nasty bacteria around. A quick solution is to clean his hands with the sanitizer sprays that you typically find at supermarket checkouts. I usually find that they often smell real bad and sting when applied. Also if the child eats after application, the solution can taste nasty since it’s full of toxic chemicals.

CleanWell has produced a range of pocket sized sanitizer sprays which have real neat scents such as Spearmint or Lavender. The whole range is designed to be free of harsh chemicals and be kid safe. When I tested the hand spray, it didn’t feel like a layer of my skin had been removed after the solution had dried, something I experience with other brands. CleanWell also manufacture a range of foaming hand soaps for the bathroom or kitchen. The neat dispenser bottles look much prettier than your regular soaps and have cool scents such as Ginger Bergamot and Orange Vanilla. They are also safe for the environment and effective in killing germs since they are made with Ingenium, a patented formulation of essential plant oils. CleanWell products can be found at major retailers such as Target, Whole Foods and The hand sanitizers are available at

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