Friday, December 15th, 2017

Sweet for little girls: Emma and Ivy barrettes



Now that I have a little baby girl (with a ton of hair!), I’ll be able to put little barrettes on her head soon.

The designers of Emmy and Ivy recently sent me their Trios for Tresses gift set. One has a pink band with a pink feather, another is decorated with two tiny flowers on a matching pink ribbon and the third has two pink and white flowers with green ribbon (see photo). Each has a non-slip velcro grip to stay secure. They’re very charming!

Emma and Ivy are also eco-friendly since some of their pieces are made of reclaimed textiles and jewelry. Plus, they also like to give back! When you buy from their store, 2% of profits will go to a children’s charity.

Visit Emma and Ivy‘s Etsy store.

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