Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Sip out of a Sigg



Who needs plastic water bottles when you have a Sigg? The Swiss company makes around 100 different shapes and styles of water bottles every year.

These bottles are tough! Made of pure aluminum, you won’t break them if you’re doing something really active outdoors.

The Sigg Kids Bottles are colorful and have a fun cap top. They’re worth having for $17.99 because they’re recyclable and you can just fill it up by using filtered tap water.

Celebs that use them are Madonna, Cindy Crawford and David Beckham. For some of you women, you would probably want to sip out of his bottle!

PRO: Fun way to encourage your kids to drink water.

CON: Because of the shape, you can’t put the bottles in a dishwasher.

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