Friday, December 15th, 2017

Lounge: Tummy Time Safari



Ready to have some fun tummy time with your baby? One Step Ahead has created a play mat that is one-third bigger than the other ones on the market. The Tummy Time Safari includes a removable pillow, crinkly parts that baby can lift, a mirror, a butterfly, and a squeaky fish rattle and parrot.

I think this is a nice product with enough objects to look at to hold my baby’s attention. The colors are attractive and the material is nice and cushy so she’s always staring at them. It’s simple to fold and put away too.

You can buy The Tummy Time Safari on the One Step Ahead site.

Use coupon code: Blogsave

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15% off orders of $85

PRO: Attractive and will keep baby’s attention for awhile.

CON: It’s $49.95. I think it’s priced a little high.

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