Friday, December 15th, 2017

Gift pick: Mambino Organics


When I first opened this Mommy on the Go pack, I felt a delightful whiff that relaxed me immediately. Inside contains a travel pouch of sweet smelling essentials for the new mom.

You’ll get these six items:

  • Calendula olive nipple butter (1 oz / 28 g) – Needed for those times when you’re experiencing a painful breastfeeding moment.
  • Youth glow omega face complex (.13 oz / 4 ml) – This feels light and just feels smooth on my skin.
  • Moisture me body toning oil (2 oz / 60ml) – It felt great putting on after shower.
  • Tippy toes ultra gentle baby oil (2oz / 60 ml) – The baby loved this being put on after baths
  • Kissable lips (.25 oz / 7 g) Necessary for my chapped lips.
  • Mommy and baby calming aromatherapy (.13 oz / 4ml) – Contains essential oils of lavender and chamomile. This smells nice!

What I also love about Mambino Organics is that their products are free of chemicals and additives. The Mommy on the Go pack has attractive packaging and would make a great holiday gift!

Mambino Organics Price: $48 ($60 value)


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