Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Bathroom fun with The Potty Caddy



If you’re planning on potty training soon you might want to put some fun into it by buying The Potty Caddy (Book and Stuff – Workman Publishing, $14.95)

It’s a box that contains a 32-page book on the basics of potty training, toilet paper, a potty chart with stickers, four toddler magazines (Vanity Fairy, Rolling Stroller, Tots Illustrated, and BQ-Babies Quarterly) and 100 toilet targets. These targets are especially useful for the boys who need practice on taking aim.

It’s really cute and your kid will love it. It will make potty training less of a chore. Of course, my kid has his own mind and would rather play with it in the living room but hey, it’s a start.

I recommend The Potty Caddy for its humor. Where else can you learn how to make a Doodie Boat? I’ll leave it at that, you’ll have to buy the book!

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