Friday, December 15th, 2017

Pushing for two: Phil and Teds Inline Sports buggy


I admit it. I’m a stroller snob. I was looking for an upscale jogging stroller that was going to be easy to push carrying two kids. In comes checking out the Phil and Teds buggies. The New Zealand-based company have created four inline strollers: classic, sport, dash and vibe. I got the sport one with double kit.

phil and ted's double sport

It’s a popular stroller pick to the stars. In August, Madonna was seen pushing Apple and David in Gwyneth Paltrow’s Phil and Teds Sport (in the appropriate color of apple) out in the Hamptons. According to the site, Gwyneth has said she loves the buggy so much that she and hubby Chris Martin got a second one for their London home.
They say this stroller is great if you have an active lifestyle. However, I noticed that it swerves to the side very easily when going down curbs. Perhaps I was actively clumsy? When I pushed the stroller with just my 2-year-old in it, it wasn’t as sturdy. Also once when he threw a tantrum, the clasps on the back fell back easily. However, once we added the double kit with cocoon ($60) and the toddler seat, it pushes much better. Photo shows how newborn slots in behind.
What I like about this Sports with doubles kit is that it’s versatile. It is suitable from newborn to age four years. Other pluses for this stroller are that it’s lightweight at 24 lbs and you have a good choice of colors. The Sport comes in black/charcoal, red, apple, navy, and blue camo.

The only small con is that if you’re afraid of bees, don’t get the stroller in red. Otherwise, it’s a worthwhile buy as you use it as your family grows.

Price is $510 with double kit.

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