Friday, December 15th, 2017

Fun! Tail wag helmet covers



Tail Wags Helmet Covers were invented by Karyn Climans, mom of two kids who wanted to promote helmet safety while making a fashion statement!

At first when I opened the package and saw the product, I thought it was silly. But after I read about Karyn’s statement on how a helmet saved her life in a skiing accident I changed my mind. This is a great way to promote helmet wearing for the kids. Hopefully they’ll think it’s fun to wear the Pork Chop The Pig, Daisy the Cow, or Too Cool Penguin covers. There are many styles of helmet covers you can choose from. In the photo is the frog one.

The company has been nominated for several awards including the Savvymom Mom Entrepreneur of the Year Award and selected as a JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) Innovation Award.

The Animal Helmet Covers retail between $40-45 and the Basics at $30 each.

PRO: Safe, practical and fun! CON: none!

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