Sunday, February 18th, 2018

Chic Bassinet Pick: Cariboo


A very cool looking bassinet!
When searching for a bassinet myself, I didn’t want the frilly looking kind that you can get at a chain store. So I chose this Cariboo Classic Bassinet in mahogany. The other two colors you can get it in are white and teak. For $425.00, it comes with a mattress and a fitted white sheet. You may think, “Wow! Pricey!” but I guess since it’s made in New Zealand and the wood is sustainable radiata wood carries onto the retail price.

I have to admit it reminds me of a laundry basket. Looking at it online, it does look a little flimsy and if you’re a first time parent, it’s perfect. However if you have an inquisitive toddler, it’s constant looking-over-your-shoulder-time as your little one can easily push it over.

On their site, they say you can use the Classic bassinet as a stylish toy chest which I think is a better option than their Gentle Motions Bassinet, which has no lock and doesn’t have that desciption.

Two pluses to the Classic are that it’s very simple and takes no time at all to put together. It also looks very different. A con would be it’s a little pricey for something that will last me two months.

Celebrity moms Jennifer Garner, Mariska Hargitay, Tori Spelling, and Halle Berry all have this bassinet!

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